An Emerald and Diamond Ring For Your Engagement

An emerald and diamond ring is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry a woman can hope to have, a combination of two of the world’s most fascinating gemstones. Emeralds complement diamonds more than any other gemstone perhaps because of its regal history and striking green color. Incidentally, prized emeralds can sometimes even be […]

Stand Out In Any Crowd With Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings make classic and timeless pieces of jewelry that can make you stand out in a sea of diamonds. Legends have it that the sought-after Holy Grail had been made from emeralds. Additionally, many people believe that emeralds in general protect their wearers against succumbing to infidelity? These are only a few of several […]

Be Unique and Get A Vintage Emerald Ring

One of the most fascinating gemstones, the emerald can be even more valuable than a diamond depending on its quality. In fact, the emerald is becoming increasingly popular as a more affordable option to the ubiquitous and expensive diamond as an engagement ring. An excited “yes” is in store for the man who gives a […]

What Forever Means In An Emerald Eternity Band

To the uninitiated, an eternity band or ring is worn to symbolize never-ending love between a husband and wife or an engaged couple. The band is comprised of a precious metal such as gold, palladium, white gold, platinum or rose gold set with gemstones that are identical in cut that form a continuous line. An […]

Be On The Lookout For The Best Emerald Pendant

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but after Julianne Moore wore what turned out to be the late Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond and emerald pendant necklace to the Rodeo Drive boutique of Bulgari in February 2013, the green gem is now making the rounds as the bauble to wear for the red carpet or any […]

How To Wear Emerald Rings Correctly

Did you know that Cleopatra favored emeralds above all gemstones? This does not come as a surprise since emeralds have been mined since 3500 B.C. in Egypt for their pharaohs. Charm and allure go with emerald rings because they command attention. Worn in the evening and on classy occasions, the deep, rich green color of […]

How Many Women Wear Emerald Engagement Rings?

How many women do you know who wear emerald engagement rings? Not very many and that’s understandable when you consider that diamonds are the ubiquitous choice for engagement rings. But did you ever wonder what kind of woman wears an emerald for her engagement ring? Believe it or not, receive an engagement ring of a […]

What Do Antique Emerald Rings Signify?

Get yourself one of those antique emerald rings. No piece of jewelry can carry as much history and cultural as one which is antique. And when it is an antique emerald, the value of the item becomes so much more than just a price tag. Another thing to remember is that emeralds are the most […]

Wear Emerald and Diamond Earrings Like Kate Middleton

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when they are combined with emeralds, the effect is simply jaw-dropping. Diamonds and emeralds complement one another more than any other gemstone combination. While diamonds bring on their share of elegance, emeralds add a unique kind of glamour to just about any look. Remember how Elizabeth Taylor wore […]

The Uniqueness of the 3-Stone Emerald Diamond Ring

Most engagement rings have a single gem for its center stone, usually a diamond, but really now, why have just one when you can have three? And why not think of out the box and get them in emeralds instead of diamonds? The 3-stone emerald diamond ring is perhaps one of the most unique pieces […]